Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2010

Montesquieu und die Vernunft


- Montesquieu starb am 10. Februar 1755 in Paris.

Ein Aphorismus aus seinen „Gedanken“ : „Einzigartige Sache: Fast nie ist es die Vernunft, wodurch die Dinge vernünftig werden, und fast nie kommt der Mensch aus Vernunft zur Vernunft."

- m4gw: "We're A Hit In Vermont!
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by Elmer Beauregard

Paul Beaudry is a host of 2 radio shows that expose global warming as a hoax, the Comment Show and True North radiowhich air in Vermont and surrounding areas. Lately he's been playing a lot of our music and it seems to be pretty well received. Like Minnesota, Vermont is having a record breaking winter and some people are thinking of starting a sister organization "Vermontians For Global Warming"
Paul had me on as a guest a couple of weeks ago here is that interview."