Samstag, 13. November 2010

Pro bono, contra malum

Regen, Novemberregen

Was es alles gibt: Jemand hält die GRÜNEN für neo-liberal und monetaristisch.
Vorwurf an ANORAK2 auf WUWT, Thema "Germany's Greens get ugly with climate skeptics":

You have failed to demonstrate how “The Greens” support Reaganomics, Monetarism or Neo-liberal economics. Can you show me their position on economic issues?

Antwort: This reform of the welfare system brought harsh cuts and much stricter control for the unemployed compared to the previous, comparatively generous unemployment benefit system which had been in place for decades. The “Hartz concept” was phased in between 2001 and 2005. The Greens voted for it, without their votes it would probably not have passed the house. ...
Google “Oswald Metzger”, a prominent spokesman for the Green party at the time they were in government:

- Mein Kommentar:
Inmidst the leftists of the German Greens were two or three members who favored market solutions, one was Oswald Metzger, who was not allowed candidate for the Bundestag any more - a clear rejection of his market policy. He therefore left the Greens und became member of another green party: Merkel's CDU.

SPD-Schröder won the election 1998 by promising to cut mass unemployment. He failed, but he organized the only labour market reform since decades with the name of Hartz IV (Hartz was a friend of Schröder and at that time VW staff manager). The outcome of this great reform shows now: German unemployment dropped for about 2%. The Greens were in coalition with the green SPD, so they had to accept what chancelor Schröder and the responsible minister Clement had decided. They didn't like the reform, but they had no choice, if they wanted to stay in power.

The German greens now don't have any members any more accepting market solutions - they dream of a total green government with a green supervising brother in every household and a green police with deputies in every tenement house. And because they truly think international, they have a dream to enlarge green dictatorship worldwide with Al Gore world president and Bono his propaganda boss.
(WUWT, Germany’s Greens get ugly with climate skeptics)