Samstag, 15. März 2014

Von Karl Barth zu Matthias Dembinski

Karl Barth, der einflußreiche protestantische Theologe und Taktgeber der EKD fand Stalin gar nicht so übel:
"It is pertinent not to omit to discriminate in our view of contemporary Communism between its totalitarian atrocities as such and the positive intention behind them. And if one tries to do that, one cannot say of Communism what one was forced to say of Nazism ten years ago - that what it means and intends is pure unreason, the product of madness and crime. It would be quite absurd to mention in the same breath the philosophy of Marxism and the “ideology” of the Third Reich, to mention a man of the stature of Joseph Stalin in the same breath as such charlatans as Hitler, Goering, Hess, Goebbels, Himmler, Ribbentrop, Rosenberg, Streicher, etc. What has been tackled in Soviet Russia - albeit with very dirty and bloody hands and in a way that rightly shocks us - is, after all, a constructive idea, the solution of a problem which is a serious and burning problem for us as well, and which we with our clean hands have not yet tackled anything like energetically enough: the social problem."

And while Popes were being hysterical he said this...

"In its relationship to Christianity, Communism, as distinguished from Nazism, has not done, and by its very nature cannot do, one thing: it has never made the slightest attempt to reinterpret or to falsify Christianity, or to shroud itself in a Christian garment.... There is nothing of the false prophet about it. It is not anti-Christian."

"Class contradiction, says socialism, is the daily crime of capitalism. This system of production must therefore fall, especially its underlying principle: private property - not private property in general, but private ownership of the means of production.... the boundless competition between individual producers must fall; and the state, the whole, must itself become the producer and therefore the owner of the means of production. Jesus is more socialist than the socialists.... Jesus’ view of property is this: Property is sin, because property is self-seeking."

(Non) Response to Soviet Communism

Barth, like many European academics did not condemn the rise of Joseph Stalin or the communism of the Soviet Union. He did not defend the tactics of Stalin, but he found rabid anti-communism even more disturbing. Barth developed a cynicism towards all forms of government, finding none ideal.”

Und was sagte er, Karl Barth, zu den “Blättern für deutsche und internationale Politik”?
“Eine Insel der Vernunft”. (Wiki.) Schließlich stand die SED dahinter, auch finanziell, und die SED fand den Comrade Stalin auch ganz prima. Der stand hinter ihr, der SED, mit Panzern und finanziell.

Und auch heute noch schreiben die intellektuellen Linken in den “Blättern für deutsche und internationale Politik”. Habermas, Leggewie und auch Matthias Dembinski, der Comrade “Friedensforscher” aus Hessen, der gerade viel Mitgefühl für den Stalinfreund Putin aufbrachte und die fühllose Politik der EU kritisierte. (“Friedensforscher: EU hat russische Interessen vernachlässigt”, FAZ 14.3.14)

Sein Genosse Gerhard Schröder, in Diensten von Gaskorrup, sieht das auch so. Sie können die russischen Interessen nicht von Putins Interessen unterscheiden. Schade.