Montag, 23. Dezember 2013

Not to forget the Christians in Syria

“Emma” Asma al-Assad - went to school in London - compare it to Erdogans wife, and you know a lot. Erdogan supports the islamists in Syria.

(Foto: Stuckert, Wiki.)

If Assad wins, so do the Iranians. Not acceptable”, states Daniel Pipes. 
So he wants, nolens volens, the West to support the islamist bandits from all around the Middle East. 
Very strange, this logic. 
The Alawites in Syria und Turkey - the Bahai, too - represent a kind of Mohemedanism, which could lead to a more civilized Middle East. The way leads via women’s lib, see Assads wife - and that could impress Iranian women, too. 

It’s a long way, so there’s time for the US diplomats to learn something more about the Middle East. 
Remember Libya. Pipes is recommended to study Clausewitz again.