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Haben die Juden den Arabern in Palästina Land gestohlen?

Wem gehörte das Land?
Den Palästinensern?
Antwort eines Nahost-Historikers auf QUORA.

Tim Benton, PhD in Historical studies, specializing in Middle East near modern history
Land property, Why do some very special people say that Israel stole land from Palestinians?

<< "Because it was never their land. The Ottomans owned the land at the Turn of the Century, they had three different classifications of ownership, one was the private owners, these owned about 13% of the land, this was later explained in the Peel commission, the other land was owned by the state, leased to the people living there, they in turn had to pay the government a percentage of what they farmed in payment for using the land, in the Land the majority of the land was either owned by the state or owned by rich land holders who leased the land out for a percentage of the produce, the rest was conisidered arid land, this was owned by the state, but no one worked it, in Israel this made up the vast majority of the land.

In the 1920’s the Arabs started to riot and attack the Jews for stealing their land, the British sent over Lord Peel who, while investigating the land question, the Arab leader, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini's, the very leader who during the second world war after continuing to cause the Arabs to riot by his claims, fled to Nazi Germany to avoid arrest by the British, he in the Peel commission openly admitted, no land was stolen, it was purchased; to this day in the museum in Tel Aviv they have the bills of sale and the land deeds on display for all to see, the problem was the practice for 1,400 years when Jews had grown too much in power, the Arabs would seize what they wished, the Grand Mufti said it should be the Arab right to seize the land they had purchased because when they purchased it, it was none productive, the Jews removed everyone living on the land, then brought in modern irrigation and fertilization techniques and made the land productive, when the Arabs demanded the right to return to the land, the Jews refused, they wanted the European practice of workers working the land and living elsewhere, so the Arabs rioted. It was this that brought the Arabs, there was a shortage of laborer’s, the Egyptian’s, Syrian’s, Saudi’s that came to the land as economic migrants later claimed to have somehow turned into Palestinians, claimed to have lived on the land for centuries, the world has bought this ignoring the fact that there is not one shred of historical proof of this, a total absence of archaeological evidence to back up this claim or a census that supports this.

The land was NEVER stolen, there was not, nor has ever been a nation known as Palestine that had any sovereignty over the land; when the Ottomans lost the First World War part of their surrender agreement with the Treaty of Serves was to turn over sovereignty of the Middle East holdings, the League of Nations then as legal sovereign then divided the land into three major Mandates, the Mandates of Palestine (The Palestine Mandate), Mesopotamia and Syria, they gave the two to the Arabs exclusively, the gave the Mandate of Palestine to the Jews with the British to oversee and help them reach nationhood. What did the British do? They first gave away 70% of the mandate to set up Transjordan, then cut off all Jewish migration while allowing unlimited Arab migration, this was further made worse when the British armed the Arabs, then when Israel declared nationhood, it was the British that helped lead the Arabs in their war to as they stated it, ‘Exterminate every Jew in the land’, rather then live together, they went to war, when you go to war to exterminate a people, there are consequences, the Arabs left during the war at the urging of their fellow Arabs, after the war when they wanted to come back, and when the Israeli’s offered to take them back in, it was the Arabs that refused to allow them to return. In their own words:
"The Arab armies entered Palestine to protect the Palestinians from the Zionist tyranny but, instead they abandoned them, forced them to immigrate and to leave their home land, imposed upon them a political and ideological blockade and threw them into prisons similar to the ghettos in which the Jews used to live in eastern Europe, as if we were condemned to change places with them. The Arab states succeeded in scattering the Palestinians and in destroying their unity.”
abu-mazen (Falastin el-Th'ora,beirut, march 1976)

Secretary General of the Arab League, Azzam Pasha, agreed that Arab leadership encouraged Palestinians to temporarily leave their homes:
"It was promised that conquering Palestine would be a military picnic, our advice to the Palestinians was to temporarily leave their homes" (Al-Huda, Lebanon June 5th, 1951).

Syrian Prime Minister, Khalid Al-Azam (in his book “Memories”, 1973) laments and writes:
"We brought disaster on the refugees, when we urged them to abandon their homes"

When you start to dig you find most of what we have been told is fiction.>>

Answered Jul 1, 2017

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